Where are you Headed?

Let us stop you there. Of course, Denver is still in the top three when it comes to popular places for people (particularly, young professionals) to move, but Colorado as a whole has evened out in terms of those coming in compared to those also leaving. So,  the Centennial state is no longer a major destination for those moving in 2017.

According to Forbes, it seems the general shift is that people are moving out of popular east coast states and heading south and west. But other reports show none other than South Dakota is the most popular state to move to at the moment, with 68 percent of its traffic heading inbound and staying there. For 2015 and 2016, that top state was Oregon, where most moved to for a job. That state’s still seeing a lot of new arrivals between those in the job market and retirees but was slightly edged out by South Dakota this year.

Another top destination, also making an appearance on the Money Magazine Top 100 list for best places to live, is Austin, Texas. Much traffic into the city comes from within the state, statistics show Dallas and Houston residents are picking up to plant new roots in Austin. Otherwise, it’s a high-demand spot for new families or those looking for a healthy job market in the Lone Star State.

Forbes reports that those looking for second investment homes tend to look southward, targeting places like New Jersey and Florida. Plus, there’s a trend among Millennials and Gen Xs alike of searching for quieter places where homes are surrounded by peaks rather than people.

Of course, the metrics for these various studies to tend to differ, and can reflect varying results. These are simply averages and trends across publications and agencies, and like we said at the top of this article, Denver is still top when it comes to large city moves. And we hope newcomers love it as much as natives do!

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