Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies

Whether you need a full pack and move, just the supplies or you have fine art pieces you need crated, we have the materials and professionals to protect your move.

To see how we crate your crate your fine art, look at our Packing Services page.

We also sell a full range of packing materials to pack everything from fine china to teddy bears. Also, we offer free delivery with orders over $125.00 or if you have an estimate scheduled. Call for more information and to place orders.

Boxes & Bags

Small Box$1.50Crib Mattress Box$10.00
Medium Box$2.25Twin Mattress Box$12.00
Large Box$3.00Full Mattress Box$15.00
Dishpack (5.1 ft3)$6.00Queen Mattress Box$30.00
Flatscreen Box w Foam$100.00King Mattress Box$30.00
Wardrobe Box$16.00Twin Mattress Bag$10.00
Wardrobe Box (Used)$10.00Full Mattress Bag$10.00
Large Mirror Box$10.00Queen Mattress Bag$10.00
Small Mirror Box$8.00King Mattress Bag$10.00

Other Materials

Packing Tape$2.00Packing Paper 10lbs$10.00
Packing Tape with Dispenser$5.00Packing Paper 25lbs$25.00
Packing Tape with Dispenser 3 pack$10.00Pad Paper$3.00
Tape Gun$10.00Packing Pad*$20.00
2 ft Padlock$9.25Micro-foam 4′ wide per foot$1.00
Wine Packer, 12 bottle Foam Inserts$30.00Bubble Wrap 4′ wide per foot$1.00
Stretch Wrap 5″$10.00Anti-Static Bubble Wrap per foot$1.00
Shrink Wrap 18″$30.00Box of Bubble Wrap$20.00
Piano Board*$200.00Carpet Shield Water Based 200′$50.00

*These items will be bought back at 75% of the posted cost

Rental Crates

Small TV Crate (40″-48″)$50.00Large TV Crate (52″-65″)$75.00
XL TV Crate (65″-72″)$125.00