Professional Home Packing Services

Stress-Free Home Packing Services

Our moving experts know just how to pack and pack well. Let American Moving home packing services handle all your packing needs. We’ll make sure your items are handled expertly. This way, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe and secure.

Home Packing and Unpacking

We offer a stress-free full-service packing and unpacking service. Our service provides you a worry-free experience where we pack, crate, and unpack your items so you don’t have to.

Special Packing for Sensitive Electronics

Let our professional movers handle packing of electronics because most electronic items can be easily damaged. We can professionally pack your computers, tablets, speakers, gaming consoles, and televisions so that you can rest assured that they are packed securely to protect them.


Packing for Difficult and Fragile Items

If you want to pack most of your items yourself but need help with only specific items, we can do that, too. The option to pack only your specialty, difficult, or fragile items can help you save money. Most importantly our professional packing services will give you peace of mind that your most valued belongings are professionally packed. We have specially designed crates and cartoons for your mirrors and pictures so you have the maximum protection of your items.


Choose Quality Packing Supplies

If you’re using our packing services, our professional movers will only use the best packing supplies for your move. If you decide to pack yourself, we recommend that you use high-quality packing supplies as well. You can find a list of packing materials that we sell here.


We just had the team from American Moving in Broomfield move us and I couldn't be more impressed. The team of Rios, Jesus and Florencio worked harder than I have ever seen grown men work (and I grew up baling hay all day and worked as a wildland firefighter). The team was polite and happy and if we asked them to do something extra, they happily accommodated us. They seemed to understand all of the stress that a family goes through while moving and they really helped the move go as well as possible. They exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks guys!

Professional Movers on this Job: Jesus R., Florencio T.

On what could have been a very stressful day, these guys were friendly, helpful, and efficient. Most items landed in the correct room and furniture disassembly and assembly was done with great care.

Professional Movers on this Job: Earl J., Brandon S., Mike T.

Great service from start to finish! I would recommend American Moving & Storage to anyone who needs this service.

Professional Movers on this Job: Brandon S.